Supply Base

ASB, Atlantic Supply Base, is the only offshore supply base in the Faroe Islands and is equipped to provide services to oil companies drilling on the Faroes Continental Shelf.

ASB is a Faroese-owned oil industry logistics company established in 1999. The company's main objective is to provide integrated supply base services to oil companies engaged in offshore exploration and production in the North-West Atlantic, especially east of the Faroe Islands and west of Shetland or on the Atlantic Margin.

ASB also works as a normal maritime agency.


  • Warehouses: 900 m2 & 1,100 m2 with office facilities
  • Mud Plant. 5 x 159 m3
  • Mixing Tank: 32 bbls
  • Outdoor Storage: 20-25.000 m2,
  • ISPS Fenced Area: 12.000 m2 ,
  • Quayside: length 321 m, draft 12 m - King's Harbour quays 3 and 4, see map