A lovely cruise visit

May 20, 2023

The expedition cruise ship Ocean Adventurer anchored outside the village Funningur Friday morning and the passengers were tendered ashore in zodiacs.

Such cruise calls are arranged in a unique way where the organizers focus on ensuring a social sustainable project. The cruise visit was a great success for everyone. There are about 70 people living in Funningur and the maximum number of allowed calls is 3 ships per year.

This is the second time a cruise ship calls Funningur, both times Ocean Adventurer. The inhabitants have been looking forward to the visit and had arranged guided mountain hikes, guided village strolls, local café, shop with local handicrafts, historical exhibition, Faroese chain dance in the old dance house and hymn singing in the church. All prepared by the local people in Funningur with good help from Visit Runavík and the Port of Runavík. Our friendly Ask Me Staff assisted the 100 guests in any way possible.

We wish Ocean Adventurer, its crew, staff and passengers good luck on their further voyage to Jan Mayen. The ship's agent in the Faroe Islands is Faroe Ship.

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