The Port of Runavík is one of Faroe Islands' largest landing ports with fish factories and also houses Bakkafrost Salmon, one of the world's largest salmon production companies.

For more than a century, fish has been landed in Runavík and this has developed a lot of activity within fish production and services to factories and ships.

About 12.000 tons of bottom fish is landed annualy in Runavík. This is mostly saithe (Pollachius virens) that is cut to fillets at the Faroe Origin factory. Faroe Origin is one of the leading companies in the Faroese fish production market and based in Runavík.

Foreign ships come to the Port of Runavík on a regular basis to transship their catch. Approximately 260.000 tons are transshiped from trawlers onboard reefer ships.

Several fishing boats are based at the Port of Runavík, which has excellent conditions for all types of ships.

Faroe Islands' largest salmon production company, Bakkafrost Salmon, has its main activity in Glyvrar. The processing plant in Glyvrar produces around 50.000 tons of salmon annualy.