Kirkjubøur & History Museum

Drive to the capital Tórshavn, one of the smallest capitals in the world. On the tour we visit the village Kirkjubøur and the Historical Museum in Tórshavn.

After a short sightseing tour by bus in Tórshavn you drive over the hills to Kirkjubøur, the island’s oldest cultural centre, where you will be introduced to the ruins of the 13th century St. Magnus Cathedral and the 11th century church, still in use.

You also visit the 900-year old “Roykstovan”, the old bishopric, is considered to be the oldest wooden house in Europe. It was still occupied by the 17th generation. Thereafter a visit in the historical museum in Tórshavn.

The duration of the tour is 6 hours. The tour can also be arranged by bus through the new sub-tunnel from Runavík to Tórshavn.