Attractions & excursions

The cruise passengers who haven’t pre-booked a special bus tour before arriving will get all necessary information and assistance at the information desk on the port and also from the main Tourist Information, Visit Runavík, in the center of the town, just 5 min. walking distance from the port. Cruise guests can choose among different tours and attractions in the nearest surroundings.

Lake Toftavatn and the Shepherd with his Dog
Hiking around the beautiful lake Toftavatn takes about 1 hour from the port. The hike can be done by everyone as it doesn’t require any special physicical condition. The heather covered hills around the idyllic lake are unique and it is one of the most special areas of natural beauty in the Faroes. There is a rich bird life on and around the lake and there are many different plant species. You will pass the statue of the shepherd with his dog watching his sheep. For those passengers that have special interest in plants and wildlife it is possible to book a guide that has the required knowledge.

The International Football Stadium
A walk up the hills (on your way around the lake Toftavatn) to Faroe Island’s first international football stadium is worth the effort. It is considered one of the world’s most beautifully located stadiums. From the port it takes about 45 minutes to walk to the stadium. The view from the top of the hill is magnificent. This walking tour can be done on your own or also as a guided tour where you can combine it with a walk around the lake and a visit to the wollwear designer NAVIA.

A visit to the manufacturer NAVIA in the neighbour village Toftir is a good choice if you are interested in modern Faroese woolwear design. NAVIA is one of the leading companies of the yarn and sweater industry of the Faroes, well-known on the foreign market too, shipping its products to a dozen countries abroad. Distance from the port 3,5 km, about 5 minutes by car and 45 minutes walking.

Knit with a local
Take a piece of Faroese knitting culture with you back home. Get a unique experience. Beginners can learn how to knit with Faroese wool in a local home and experienced knitters can learn how to knit traditional Faroese patterns. Can be booked at Visit Runavík before or after arrival of ship. Time 2 hours. The experience includes yarn, knitting needles, coffee & cake.

Hiking and Storytelling – Lamba to Rituvík
An area of natural beauty is a walk across the mountain from one small village to another where you follow the cairns like people did in the old days. It is a nice and easy hiking tour in the mountain just above Runavík. On your way you see sheep, birds and different kinds of plants. Both Lamba and Rituvík are peaceful and unspoiled villages. While Lamba is a very old farmers’ village Rituvík is a relatively new settlement and both villages have an interesting history and their own charm. It is also a very good idea to visit the church of Rituvík when you reach the village. It takes around 2,5 hours and the length is about 5.3 km. Book the tour at Visit Runavík.

The Wonderful Old Faroese Garden “Uppi á Gørðum”
Visit a Faroese home and garden in the village Søldarfjørður only 10 minutes drive from the port. The house is from 1800 and both home and garden is a true experience. The nice couple offers a meal based on traditional Faroese specialities. The visit has to be pre-booked.

Visit a farmers house in Æðuvík
Drive to the authentic and unspoiled village of Æðuvík, only 10 minutes drive from the port, where the young farmer couple will welcome you outside the village and take you on a guided easy hike with storytelling in the outskirts and through the village. Enter the farm and see the farm animals and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The couple can also serve a meal with traditional Faroese tapas and Faroese beer. The visit has to be pre-booked and max capacity is 16 people.

World War II Fortress
In village Nes, 6 km south from the port, you’ll find a World War II fortress including a canon, bunkers, searchlight buildings used by the occupying British forces during the war to defend the entrance to Skálafjørdur. The old church from 1843 and the old vicorage built in 1863 nearby are also worth a visit. The bunker station in the village Søldarfjørður, 4 km north from the port, was also built by the British Army during WW2 and it was attacked several times by the Germans. Today the bunker station is still in use and supplies ships with oil.

Windmill park and walking route
Walk, drive or even cycle to the end of the windmill park, and enjoy the spectacular panoramic view from Eystnes, the southernmost tip of Eysturoy. You also have the option to go offroad and follow the cairns in the mountain either to Æðuvík or Nes.

Church of Glyvrar
It takes 15 minutes to walk from the port to the Church of Glyvrar where the guests also can experience beautyful art made by the famous Faroese artist Tróndur Patursson and also enjoy the present art exhibition.

History Museum
Visit the local History Museum Forni with many interesting objects. An upstairs room is furnished with paraphernalia from an old shop. The walking distance from the port is around 10 minutes.

Statue of Símun á Høgabóli
The statue of the ship owner Símun á Høgabóli is located by the main street on a nice area just above the quay where the ship docks. Símun á Høgabóli was a pioneer on many areas and had a great impact on both on the Runavík area and also the villages nearby. He lived from 1877 to 1947. Amongst other things he was a ship owner, an employer and he also built the first quayside in Runavík for his own ships. The statue is made by the Faroese sculptor Andreas Andreassen and is placed on the land that was owned by Símun himself.

Shop Faroese Handicraft
Visit the local shops for modern and traditional handicraft, wool and souvenirs. There are several shops on the main street near Visit Runavík ready to serve the guests, 5 minutes walking distance from port. The shops are normally open from 9 am to 5:30 pm and if your ship calls Runavík on a Saturday or Sunday these shops will be open.

Faroese beer or a cup of coffee
MC Café & Bar, Café Cibo and Hotel Runavík are located on the main street. Here guests can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a Faroese beer. Light meals are also served.

Art Exhibitions
There are different art exhibitions in Runavík through out the year. This summer a fantastic and very special art exhibition opened by the Lake Toftavatn, Nature’s Artwork, with open frames, pure nature and text.

The Giant and the Witch
The Giant and the Witch are two basalt pillars that rise hundreds of meters into the air. The names relate to an old legend that tells us that the giants in Iceland decided that they wanted the Faroes. So the giant and the witch were sent to the Faroe Islands to bring them back. The sun came up before they managed to tigh the island and as dawn broke the sunlight turned them to stone. Distance from the port to the view point in northern Eysturoy near the town Eidi: Approx 32 km.

The Rocking Stones
The Rocking Stones are two huge boulders just beyond the shore near the village Oyndarfjørður. The application of just a small force causes the stones to rock. The legend has it that an old sorceress cast a spell on two pirate ships, turning them into boulders, rocking for ever. Distance from the port: Approx 21 km.

The Roof of the Faroe Islands
Slættaratindur is the highest mountain in the Faroes, 880 m. The view from the top is breathtaking as it takes in all the Faroe Islands. Distance from the port to the starting point in northern Eysturoy: Approx 30 km.

Is one of the most popular places to visit in the Faroe Islands. The idyllic village is named after a 200 m (650 ft) long sea-filled gorge that runs from the village into the ocean. Distance from the port: Approx 30 km.

Elduvík and the statue of Marmennilin
Elduvík is a cosy small village in Northern Eysturoy with only 12 inhabitants. The church in Elduvík is from 1952 and it is a perfect example of a small, atmospheric, Faroese village church. Here you can visit the new statue of Marmennilin. Marmennilin is a creature that is said to live at the bottom of the sea. He looks like a human but he is smaller and has longer fingers. He likes to tease fishermen by biting the bait off their hooks and attaching the hooks to the bottom of the sea, hoping the line will break. Learn more about the story when you reach Elduvík. Distance from the port: Approx 25 km.

Museum Blásastova and the Viking Tróndur í Gøta
Step back into history when you visit the authentic 19th century Faroese farmhouse and the other parts of the historical village of Norðragøta, including the church from 1833. Blásastova in Gøta gives you an unique opportunity to see a complete, old Faroese village community with old farmer’s cottages, old fisherman’s cottages and an ancient church. The museum provides a unique insight in the culture and way of life in the Faroes in past centuries. You can also see the statue of the known viking Tróndur í Gøta in the village. Distance from the port: Approx. 10 km

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