Port Info

General Information

Country: Faroe Islands
Language: Faroese 
Currency: Danish krone
Local Time: +1 GMT
Airport: Vagar (FAE)


The Port of Runavík is navigable day and night.
Pilotage: Pilots compulsory, according to national law
Pilot station: Latitude 62° 03' N, Longitude: 006° 43' W 
Notice: 2 hours prior to arrival on phone no. +298 447015
Working VHF channel on arrival: 9, 12, 13 and 16
Pilot hours: 24 hours
Prevailing currents: No current
ETA to: Directly to port authorities or via ship’s agent

Tugs and Stevedores 

Service: 24 hours
Number of tugs: 5
Bollard pull: 39 t, 12 t, 15 t, 15 t and 3 t
Ship or tug lines: Ship lines
Rates: Based on L x B x D
Boatswains available: Yes
Stevedores available: Yes
Arrival/departure time restrictions: No

Berthing info
Main Harbours: Runavík & Saltangará 

Length of quayside overall (all 14 harbours) 2 km
King's Harbour, quay 1 246 m with 6 - 8 m depth
King's Harbour, quay 2 & 3 321 m with 12 m depth - see map
Max length of ship 321
Max air draft No limits
Height of bert from sea level 2 m
Width of berth 80 m
Space between bollards 15 m and 10 m
SWL inshore bollards 4 bollards x 200 t and 3 bollards x 75 t
SWL quayline bollards 24 bollards x 50 t
Type of fenders Rubber fenders
Local gangways available No
Can ship use own gangways  Yes
Maximum wind 18 m/s
Current No tide on the fiord Skálafjørður
Anchorage available Yes
Anchorage compulsory No
Entrance depth to the fiord - Skálafjørður 20 m
Depth of Skálafjørður  20 - 75 m
Passenger terminal No
Bunkering Yes
Garbage disposal Yes
Fresh water Yes
Provisions On request
Security facilities Fully compliant ISPS
Distance to town centre 400 m
Free WiFi on pier Yes
Distance to airport 70 km
Nearest public toilet  200 m south in the Harbour Office building