Cruise Funningur

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An exclusive destination for expedition ships

The Port of Runavík offers an exclusive tender option for expedition ships to the small village Funningur in the Northern part of Eysturoy. Funningur is part of the Municipality of Runavík.

During the past few years the Port of Runavík has, together with Visit Runavík, developed a sustainable product for smaller expedition ships in cooperation with local inhabitants. There are about 70 people living in Funningur and they love to welcome cruise passengers. The maximum number of allowed calls is three ships per year. 
Cruise lines that are interested in calling Funningur need to inform their agents in the Faroe Islands as soon as possible due to a regulation in the Faroes where all small ports, such as Funningur, have to apply for approval from the government authorities before receiving tender boats from foreign ships. As this is a product that supports the local community, the authorities have approved the previous calls. 

Support the local community

If cruise lines are interested in calling Funningur, please write to and we will provide packages with proposed ideas and costs. The packages include local guides, safety information at the small harbour, home café, ask me staff, entrance to the old school, village church, concert, hiking tours, village strolls etc. All developed in close cooperation with Visit Runavík and the local inhabitants.