There are good facilities and a lot of activity at the harbour in the village Skála. The large shipyard, which has repaired and built many ships, is located here. The shipyard occupies a large part of the harbour area. Several other service companies are also stationed at the harbour in Skála.


  • South quayside: length 60 m, depth south side 3-10 m, depth north side 5-10 m
  • Mounting quay (in the middle): length (south) 60 m, depth 2-9, length (north) 48 m, depth 3-9 m
  • Quayside: length 143 m, depth 7 m
  • Dry dock: length 115 m, width 20 m, depth 6,5 m
  • Slipway: length 90 m, width 14 m, lifting capacity 1100 ton
  • Slipway indoor: length 60 m, width 13 m
  • Marina: capacity 25 boats 

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