Port Info

General Information

Country: Faroe Islands
Language: Faroese 
Currency: Danish krone
Local Time: +1 GMT
Airport: Vagar (FAE)


The Port of Runavík is navigable day and night.
Pilotage: Pilots compulsory according to national law
Pilot station: Latitude 62° 03' N, Longitude: 006° 43' W 
Notice: 2 hours prior to arrival on tel. +298 447015
Working VHF channel on arrival: 9, 12, 13 and 16
Pilot hours: 24 hours
Prevailing currents: No current
ETA to: Directly to port authorities or via ship’s agent

Tugs and Stevedores

Service: 24 hours
Number of tugs: 5
Bollard pull: 39 t, 12 t, 15 t, 15 t and 3 t
Ship or tug lines: Ship lines
Boatswains available: Yes
Stevedores available: Yes
Arrival/departure time restrictions: No

Berthing Information
Cruise berth: King's Harbour, quay 2, 3 & 4

King's Harbour, quay 2, 3 & 4 Map
Overall length of quay 567 m
Max depth 12 m (321 m with 12 m depth, rest 8 m depth)
Max length of ship 321
Max air draft No limits
Height of berth from sea level 2 m
Width of berth 80 m
Space between bollards 15 m and 10 m
SWL inshore bollards 4 bollards x 200 t and 3 bollards x 75 t
SWL quayline bollards 24 bollards x 50 T
Type of fenders Rubber fenders
Local gangways available No
Can ship use own gangways  Yes
Maximum wind 18 m/s
Current No tide on the fjord Skálafjørður
Ship tenders allowed in the marinas in Glyvrar and Runavík Yes
Anchorage available Yes
Anchorage compulsory No
Passenger terminal No
Bunkering Yes
Garbage disposal Yes
Fresh water Yes
Provisions On request
Security facilities Fully compliant ISPS
Distance to town center  400 m (7 min walking distance)
Tourist information on pier Yes
Maps available on pier Yes
Ask Me-staff and signs to show direction to town Yes
Information about welcoming event available on pier Yes
Free WiFi on pier Yes
Shuttle buses On request, 2 buses free of charge per ship
Taxi service  Yes but limited (outside ISPS fence)
Parking for tour buses on pier Yes
Nearest ATM Cash Machine 200 m
Nearest Bank 200 m
Nearest Post Office 200 m
Distance to airport 70 km
Nearest public toilet  200 m south in the Harbour Office building


Tariffs – Port of Runavík (main port)

The following tariffs are valid from 1 January 2023:

  • Harbour dues: DKK 1,80 per NT 
  • Quay dues: DKK 1,45 per NT
  • ISPS fee: DKK 0,22 GT - Max fee per call: DKK 15.000 - Min fee per call: DKK 3.000 
  • Pax tax: DKK 15 
  • Mooring per boat man: DKK 400 (daytime), DKK 600 (overtime), DKK 800 (Sun- & Holidays)

All prices are quoated in DKK (Danish Krona) and are subject to alteration.

Services Included

  • A determination to offer the best service possible.
  • A dedicated welcoming team.
  • An information desk on the port and a tourist information in the center of the town, 5 minutes walking distance.
  • A selection of local walking routes & experiences for passengers who haven’t pre-booked a special tour.
  • Free shuttle buses on request: hop-on & hop-off between two small villages with a guide onboard the buses
  • Ask Me-staff and special information signs all around Runavík.
  • Welcoming event where all passengers are invited together with the locals participate in traditional Faroese chain dance. The programmes will be handed out to all passengers at the information desk on the port. The welcoming event takes place in the center of town, 5 minutes walking distance from the ship/port.
  • A package of exciting shore excursions offered by our experienced shore excursion companies/tour operators.

Cancellation fee - Port of Runavík (main port)

Our cancellation term is 2 days before the date of a planned call. If cancellation is received after this the cruise line has to pay 10% of harbour dues and quay dues.

Cancellation fee on the same day is 30% of harbour dues and quay dues. In addition to this the cruise line has to pay for the pilot if the pilot has boarded the vessel

Tariffs tender option in small villages

We offer an exclusive tender option for small expedition ships (only 3 ships per year) in the villages Elduvík, Funningur and Oyndarfjørður.

Harbour dues: DKK 1,80 per NT
Pax Tax: Special required packages & costs (local experiences included)

Cancellation fee in the small villages

Our cancellation term is 1 month before the date of a planned call. If cancellation is received after this the cruise line has to pay 10% of the basic required package. If cancellation is received later than 3 days before planned arrival the cruise line has to pay 25% of the basic required package.

Distance to other ports


  • Akureyri: 481 nautical miles = 26 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Reykjavík: 497 nautical miles = 27 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Seyðisfjord: 273 nautical miles = 15 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )


  • Ålesund: 365 nautical miles = 20 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Bergen: 382 nautical miles = 21 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Stavanger: 410 nautical miles = 23 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )


  • Lerwick: 233 nautical miles = 13 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Kirkwall: 228 nautical miles = 13 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Invergordon: 332 nautical miles = 18,5 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Aberdeen: 345 nautical miles = 19 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )
  • Southampton: 844 nautical miles = 47 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )


  • Dublin: 555 nautical miles = 31 hours ( speed 18.0 knots )