The Royal Yacht Dannebrog

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog called the Port of Runavík on Saturday 25th of August 2018 when Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and their children visited Runavík Municipality during their four-day visit to the Faroe Islands. The Royal Yacht was used as the Danish Crown Prince’s family’s private residence during the visit.

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Between 1035 and 1814, the Faroes were part of the Hereditary Kingdom of Norway. In 1814, the Treaty of Kiel granted Denmark control over the islands, along with two other Norwegian island possessions: Greenland and Iceland. The Faroe Islands have been a self-governing country within the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948.

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog was named by Queen Alexandrine in Copenhagen in 1931 and hoisted its flag for the first time on 26 May 1932. Dannebrog now serves as the official and private residence for The Queen and other members of the Royal Family when they are on official visits overseas or on summer cruises in home waters.

Dannebrog was built in 1931-1932 at the Naval Dockyard in Copenhagen as a replacement for the previous royal vessel, the paddle steamer Dannebrog from 1879. Dannebrog gives the Royal Family a unique opportunity to visit the people of all parts of Denmark.

The plaque for Dannebrog was made by Oddmar Dam.
Photo (of the fjord): Simon Nordendal, Dronedirector.