The subsea tunnel getting closer

Source: estunlar.fo

The drilling of the subsea tunnel (Eysturoy tunnel) commenced in 2017 and by now 8.074 metres are drilled of the total length which is 11.250 metres. The tunnel will be completed in 2020.

The subsea tunnel connects Skálafjørður and Tórshavn together and shortens the travel distance from Runavík to Tórshavn from 55 kilometres to 17 kilometres. The 60 minute drive will be shortened to 15 minutes.

Together with the new extended quayside, the tunnel will provide new opportunities not only for the Port of Runavík but for the whole area.

The interest from cruise lines is increasing and this summer Runavík has proven to be an excellent destination for both small and large cruise ships. The cruise guests are more than welcome and the unique local hospitality has to be experienced.

Photos by Dronedirector, Simon Nordendal.