The Port of Runavík

The Port of Runavík is situated in the southern part of Eysturoy, the second largest of the Faroe Islands with an area of 268 km² and a population of approx. 11.000 individuals.

Eysturoy is a transport hub and is connected with undersea tunnels to both Streymoy and Norðuroyggjar. Nature lovers will be truly fascinated by Eysturoy, not only by its impressive countryside, but also by its friendly, hospitable people.

The Port of Runavík is situated on Skálafjørður, the longest fjord in the Faroe Islands. The port has been an important fishing port since its foundation in 1916.

Cruise ship arrivals in Runavík have been steadily increasing since 2005. The port is now experienced in welcoming these ships. The outlook concerning further increasement in the cruise traffic is good.

The port has all modern facilities with a total longside of 580 meters, depth from 5 – 12 meter. The port is now able to welcome all sizes of cruise ships. The port is open 24 hours and all service is available around the clock.

The Port of Runavík consists of 10 small harbours and the total length is 2 km, see maps here!