Fishing for Litter

Earlier this year the Municipality of Runavík agreed on participating in the international environmental project Fishing for Litter. The project has now started.

First of all the plan is to fish for litter during one year. The local company Faroe Origin is also participating and their ships Falkur and Heykur have received a bag for garbage disposal – garbage that ends up in the trawl.

Fishing for Litter has the purpose to lower the amount of garbage in the ocean. Ships and boats shall collect the garbage that comes from the trawl into a garbage bag, and not mix it with their own garbage. When the ship/boat returns to shore, the bag is delivered at the port.

The normal garbage is disposed as usual and the collected garbage is weight og classified into different kinds of garbage and then disposed. All without cost for the boat/ship. The port authority has the responsibility for the garbage when it has reached the port.