Events and festivals

The Cultural Week in Runavík – April
The Cultural Week in Runavík is held every year on the last week of April with cultural experiences, music, art, and entertainment in all of the 15 villages in Runavík Municipality but mostly in the main area – Runavík.

Town Festival – June
The Town Festival in Runavík is held every year one weekend in mid June. The main event at the town festival is the national rowing competition where rowing clubs from all over the Faroe Islands gather to compete in Faroese traditional rowing boats. Apart from different sporting events and competions there is music, art and amusement for everyone. The festival takes place in different locations in Runavík but mostly by Bylgjan, the sports hall.

G! Festival – July
The G! Festival is a music festival held in the town of Syðrugøta, only 10 minutes drive from the Port of Runavík, for three days every summer mid July. G! Festival is about escaping the normal and finding something more substantial.

Annual Salmon Market – July
The market is held every year on Saturday mid July. Next year the market is held on the 18 July 2020 when Balmoral calls Runavík. The market is open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Enjoy a nice day together with the locals at the annual Salmon Market by the Boat Harbour, 10 minutes walk from the port. Buy
toys, clothing, souvenirs, salmon, fish & chips etc. The marked offers free salmon samples for everyone to taste, music, entertainment & sing along and the traditional Faroese Chain Dance.

The largest company in the Faroe Island and one of the world’s biggest producers of high quality salmon, Bakkafrost, is located next to the market. Bakkafrost invites everybody for a visit on this particular day.

At the market cruise guests get a nice opportunity to unwind with the locals and be a part of a local community. People in Runavík are very friendly and will for sure show hospitality.

Ólavsøka National Festival – July
Ólavsøka is held in Tórshavn and is the biggest summer festival in the Faroe Islands, and by most Faroese considered as the national holiday of the Faroes. Ólavsøka is celebrated on the 28 and 29 July but the day itself is on July 29. It is the day when the Faroese Parliament opens its session. Ólavsøka is the day of the year when most Faroese people crowd into the capital Tórshavn in their national costume. The national rowing competition finals are also held on Ólavsøka.

With the new subsea tunnel from Runavík to Tórshavn it will only take 12 minutes to drive to the capital from the Port of Runavík.