The preferred port of all times

The Port of Runavík is well known as being particularly safe and well protected from the large Atlantic waves. Cruise ships dock at Kongshavn, which translates to King’s Harbour. History tells us that both the King of Denmark and even earlier the vikings used this harbour because it was the safest in the Faroe Islands.

The Port is situated in the southern part of Eysturoy, the second largest of the Faroe Islands with an area of 268 km2 and a population of about 11.000. Nature lovers will be truly fascinated by Eysturoy, not only by its impressive countryside, but also by its friendly, hospitable people.

Eysturoy is a transport hub and is connected with subtunnels to both Streymoy and Norðuroyggjar.
The construction of the longest tunnel in the Faroe Islands, 11 kilometers has started and will finish in 2020. The sub-sea tunnel will shorten the travel distance from Runavík to the capital Tórshavn from 55 km to only 17 km. This will provide new opportunities for excursions and visits to the capital. See video of tunnel here.